Wednesday, 31 October 2012

outfit #1

good morning 

i'm off to to monash caulfield library today to study my hardest for upcoming exams which start next wednesday
to be honest, i haven't really done much work and i'm pretty fucked
so i'm going to try to at least look good while i'm doing that

last night when i prepared this outfit, i thought it was going to be a nice spring day (i live in australia)
so the intention was a generally light outfit
but, thanks to melbourne weather (of course) i've had to improvise a little

on my top half i'm wearing:
under layer - grey tee from h&m
layer 1 - off white t-shirt from uniqlo ($5 and seriously the best purchase for this summer)
layer 2 - light blue vintage denim jacket
stripy scarf- scarves are my favourite accessory ever and they can complete an outfit when something is missing. i also like patterns, and i didn't have much going on so i thought why not it's got pattern, it's a bit of fun and it goes
and because of the rainy weather - light spray jacket from uniqlo

bottom half:
forrest green chinos from h&m (not pictured)
and tommy hilfiger desert boots

i really like to mix and match my clothes
a piece of clothing can look completely different, new and fresh when it's mixed with different pieces
i use to be all vintage and dark and it got a bit boring
especially with my shoes - i've always worn dark shoes
(desert boots are a bit risky for me)
just don't be afraid to try something new

and balance in what you're wearing is essential
mix vintage with new, and light with dark


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