Saturday, 3 November 2012

the brant brothers

i'm lucky enough to have made a friend who comes from milano, italy - the fashion capital of the world.
i must say, the boy has taught me a thing or two about fashion - who's who, what's when, where's what and so on...
and one day, we had been sharing our different tales about our adventures we had both journeyed in the amazing city of new york, and how much we wished we lived like they do on one of my favourite tv shows, gossip girl.
and aside from the fact that blake lively is the new face of gucci, and she is bff with anna wintour,
the life of being a socialite on the upper east side of manhattan isn't just a fantasy for some, but a reality - for the brant brothers that is...
peter brant jr & harry brant
sons of peter brant and stephanie seymour (billionaire and model)
these boys have had an article written about them in vanity fair for christ sake
and how old are they? what do they do? that's not important of course
they're ultra fabulous, rich, and get invited to nearly every significant fashion event out there
...except the met gala (that was a bit awkward)
but you can't help to love hating them, because you're oh so every bit envious of them
check them out, i'm obsessed

and just when i thought i couldn't get any more jealous...
hanging out with karlie kloss

oh wait, that's me..awkward

and anna's like 'fuck off, you're not welcome at the met gala'
sorry boys, but as fabulous as you are, you're nothing compared to anna. god bless her


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