Wednesday, 31 October 2012

outfit #1

good morning 

i'm off to to monash caulfield library today to study my hardest for upcoming exams which start next wednesday
to be honest, i haven't really done much work and i'm pretty fucked
so i'm going to try to at least look good while i'm doing that

last night when i prepared this outfit, i thought it was going to be a nice spring day (i live in australia)
so the intention was a generally light outfit
but, thanks to melbourne weather (of course) i've had to improvise a little

on my top half i'm wearing:
under layer - grey tee from h&m
layer 1 - off white t-shirt from uniqlo ($5 and seriously the best purchase for this summer)
layer 2 - light blue vintage denim jacket
stripy scarf- scarves are my favourite accessory ever and they can complete an outfit when something is missing. i also like patterns, and i didn't have much going on so i thought why not it's got pattern, it's a bit of fun and it goes
and because of the rainy weather - light spray jacket from uniqlo

bottom half:
forrest green chinos from h&m (not pictured)
and tommy hilfiger desert boots

i really like to mix and match my clothes
a piece of clothing can look completely different, new and fresh when it's mixed with different pieces
i use to be all vintage and dark and it got a bit boring
especially with my shoes - i've always worn dark shoes
(desert boots are a bit risky for me)
just don't be afraid to try something new

and balance in what you're wearing is essential
mix vintage with new, and light with dark


the most important people in fashion


i absolutely love this photo that grace coddington drew for her new book grace: a memoir


hey! to be honest i'm not a fantastic writer,
and i don't really know much about fashion.
and to tell you the truth, i don't completely know why i made this fashion blog
but i know that lately i've had a particular interest in fashion
and i somehow want to express that through this blog
and hopefully have the chance to share my interest with others who are interested in the same kind of thing
so i think i'll just go with the flow, and see how it goes