Monday, 19 November 2012

mexico fashion week

my favourite looks from mexico fashion week
carlo demichelis:

loved the textures used, the boldness and edginess, yet still keeping it glamorous

 lydia lavin:

loved the prints, the colours, the ethnicity, the flow

tribal trouble

my favourite model in the industry right now, karlie kloss, wore this outfit as one of her outfits for the victoria's secret fashion show this year which took place a week or so ago.
this piece caused controversy because it apparently disrespected the indian americans
and to be honest, i think it's all a bit ridiculous and the public is making a huge fuss out of nothing, but people say what they believe. and i say come on, it's fashion for gods sake, that was clearly not the intention
and although it was not karlie's fault, she still apologised as the good person she is and looks as good as ever down that runway


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

alexander wang and balenciaga

ghesquiere is to leave balenciaga at the end of november
and rumour has it that alexander wang is in the mix to replace ghesquiere as creative director of balenciaga
this would actually make me so happy, i think alexander wang is such a talent and he's the right man for the job. i'm such a big fan of his work and it wouldn't hurt to see more of it
here are some of my favourite pieces from his s/s 2013 collection
i particularly love the minimal colours he uses in a lot of his collections - especially in this one with the black and white with hints of creme and metallic silver - love
the cuts out of the clothing are super cool, and he has such a cool hip, street grunge style 
but still maintaining a chic and expensive look
and i know it'd be a big step for him to take over balenciaga, but wang is an artist and i have every bit of hope that he can do a good job

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


i've practically finished the school year and i have all this spare time with no clue what to do
i thought maybe i'll take this opportunity to really start up this blog
because to be honest, it's not really much right now and i really hope it will be something some day.

so i want to make goals of what i want to get out of this blog - think of it like a research blog.
i'm basically doing this blog to show my interest in the fashion industry and to share what i'm learning about it with everyone else because i'm truly passionate about it and one day hopefully pursue a career in fashion.
i want this blog to be a learning process for me, to learn about the big names in fashion, but also take my readers along with me on my journey.

i want to really focus on the glamourous side of the fashion world, because it's a fantasy for a lot people - to be front row of a couture show in paris or front row at prada in milan fashion week or attending the met gala at the metropolitan museum of art in new york city. 
on this blog i want to focus on the models, the designers, the important people in the fashion world, the parties, the runway shows, fashion week, what's hot or not, and the gossip - and i want to incorporate my style and opinion to all of this too because i want to put my thoughts and ideas out there for people to discover, and make this blog my own

and frankly the glitz and glam of the fashion industry is always going to be a dream for most of us, including me. but so what? someone's going to make it, and why not it be me. i want to be a part of that glamourous world some day, so i'm going to learn about it as much as i can and share that
because if you want to make it, i think it is crucial to know what is happening with such a fast paced industry like fashion
so i'm using this blog to show what i'm learning about the glamorous life of fashion and sharing that with the world.



Sunday, 4 November 2012

celine s/s 2013

celine is probably one of my absolute favourite fashion labels to date
in my opinion, it is one of the most chic labels, and at the same time it's bold, striking and makes a statement
here are some of my favourite pieces from their 2013 spring summer collection

this season the colours are very neutral and monochrome, and more focus is put on the actual design of the pieces. the fluffy leather shoes in the second photo are to die for, and was one of few non-monochrome pieces in the collection. let's be honest, leather makes everything better.
and not only was the collection chic, it looked wearable! the pants were loose and comfortable.
overall the show had a really cool, comfortable, chic feel, yet edge to it
amazing really


jessica hart

i thoroughly enjoy seeing australian models make it to the big league in the use
australian model jess hart, famous for her gap toothed smile was spotted in this fab outfit strolling through new york city the other day
she has recently landed a spot as a new angel on the victoria's secret runway this year
and i'm so excited to see how she goes! especially with the sexy (also australian) miranda kerr and my favourite girl karlie kloss


Saturday, 3 November 2012

the brant brothers

i'm lucky enough to have made a friend who comes from milano, italy - the fashion capital of the world.
i must say, the boy has taught me a thing or two about fashion - who's who, what's when, where's what and so on...
and one day, we had been sharing our different tales about our adventures we had both journeyed in the amazing city of new york, and how much we wished we lived like they do on one of my favourite tv shows, gossip girl.
and aside from the fact that blake lively is the new face of gucci, and she is bff with anna wintour,
the life of being a socialite on the upper east side of manhattan isn't just a fantasy for some, but a reality - for the brant brothers that is...
peter brant jr & harry brant
sons of peter brant and stephanie seymour (billionaire and model)
these boys have had an article written about them in vanity fair for christ sake
and how old are they? what do they do? that's not important of course
they're ultra fabulous, rich, and get invited to nearly every significant fashion event out there
...except the met gala (that was a bit awkward)
but you can't help to love hating them, because you're oh so every bit envious of them
check them out, i'm obsessed

and just when i thought i couldn't get any more jealous...
hanging out with karlie kloss

oh wait, that's me..awkward

and anna's like 'fuck off, you're not welcome at the met gala'
sorry boys, but as fabulous as you are, you're nothing compared to anna. god bless her


Friday, 2 November 2012

my two favourite things

prada & karlie kloss


hoodie from uniqlo
absolute favourite thing to wear at home on a cold night

essential monthly purchase

the best time of the month

outfit #2

10 days till the exam - yet another outfit
today i'm wearing:
vintage bluntstones
vintage shirt
light pants from h&m
navy tommy hilfiger sweater
wrangler denim jacket

this is another classic example of me mix and matching with my clothes
i am probably wearing the pieces i'm most comfortable in from my wardrobe
love a nice sweater, boots, shirt and jacket combo