Tuesday, 13 November 2012


i've practically finished the school year and i have all this spare time with no clue what to do
i thought maybe i'll take this opportunity to really start up this blog
because to be honest, it's not really much right now and i really hope it will be something some day.

so i want to make goals of what i want to get out of this blog - think of it like a research blog.
i'm basically doing this blog to show my interest in the fashion industry and to share what i'm learning about it with everyone else because i'm truly passionate about it and one day hopefully pursue a career in fashion.
i want this blog to be a learning process for me, to learn about the big names in fashion, but also take my readers along with me on my journey.

i want to really focus on the glamourous side of the fashion world, because it's a fantasy for a lot people - to be front row of a couture show in paris or front row at prada in milan fashion week or attending the met gala at the metropolitan museum of art in new york city. 
on this blog i want to focus on the models, the designers, the important people in the fashion world, the parties, the runway shows, fashion week, what's hot or not, and the gossip - and i want to incorporate my style and opinion to all of this too because i want to put my thoughts and ideas out there for people to discover, and make this blog my own

and frankly the glitz and glam of the fashion industry is always going to be a dream for most of us, including me. but so what? someone's going to make it, and why not it be me. i want to be a part of that glamourous world some day, so i'm going to learn about it as much as i can and share that
because if you want to make it, i think it is crucial to know what is happening with such a fast paced industry like fashion
so i'm using this blog to show what i'm learning about the glamorous life of fashion and sharing that with the world.



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